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Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) in Bristol

OVATION FINANCE LTD.Independent Financial Advisers in Bristol

Address: 141 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2QB
Telephone: (0117) 942 4333
Fax: (0117) 942 4666
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Contact: Chris Budd

General information

Fee Based Advice

Ovation is a fee based independent financial advisor practice in Bristol, which believes in providing a long term service to its clients.

Being fee based means that we can be truly independent, and are not influenced by the need to sell a policy or investment in order to generate commission. In turn, this emphasis on providing advice, rather than selling products, means that we are in regular contact with clients, conducting at least annual reviews and being proactive, as well as reactive, to client needs. Indeed, we want to still be advising you when your initial investment bears fruit.

Being fee based means that we are more akin to an accountant or solicitor. We very much consider ourselves a professional practice, and work in tandem with other advisors, where appropriate.

Commission and Charges

When a new investment or policy is established, commission is paid to the advisor. Indeed, commission may be paid to the advisor on future increases to that policy, even if you have not seen them for many years.

At Ovation, we do not take the initial commission, and this is instead rebated, and used to reduce the charges applying to the investment, or to reduce the premium to be paid, as appropriate. We then invoice for our time.
It may be possible for part commission to be taken, in order to offset fees.

Either way, the initial fees that we charge are invariably lower than the commissions given up, often considerably so. Whereas the commission based advisor will receive a high upfront commission, and then may provide little in ongoing servicing, we charge a lower amount up front and then monitor and review your financial affairs.

Area of Expertise

We deal in most areas of financial planning, and many of our clients run their own businesses. We therefore provide business advice, and also personal advice for the directorsí own affairs.

Pensions planning is a particular area of expertise, whether it be investment portfolio planning, or property matters. We have extensive experience of self invested pensions.


Ovation would be suitable for you if you prefer transparency of charges, and if you are looking for an advisor who will continue to work with you in the long term.

Ovation Finance Limited is Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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